Improvise your Genes, reform your culture

What I am thinking on this 1st Saturday since I arrived on this side of the Atlantic ocean? One is robbing his bloodline in particular and the human race at large if he/she fails to improvise his/her own genetic blueprint (including their epigenetics), and the culture they live and work in.

It is selfish, to say the least, to just take in and never give back into the gene-pool of your bloodline, and your corporate and societal cultures.

As part of your personal development, what are you doing to reengineer your genetic code, evolve as a person, and play your fair share in reforming your culture?

Check our website and see how our Personal Development program can help you march forward toward personal mastery and in the process become a better person and citizen who not only transform your life, career, business, but also add positive values toward the evolution of your community, organization, and humanity one day at a time.

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