Higher Self-Knowledge to Transform Your Life, Career, Team, and Organization

Increasing self-awareness to get along better and succeed in what you do smartly with minimal efforts


Self-awareness is a MUST if you’re breathing and walking on this planet

Whether you’re a:

  1. Mom,
  2. Dad,
  3. Professional,
  4. Artist,
  5. Leader, or
  6. Entrepreneur, you need to go below the surface and know yourself very well.


3 Tragedies many people are unwilling to discuss publicly

It makes me feel sad each time I think about it. It also bothers me a lot. Very, very few people talk about it publicly:

  1. Many people live BLINDFOLDED without knowing who they truly are and what matters most.
  2. Multitudes of leaders are blind guides causing havoc and negatively affecting the lives and success of their people and organizations because of a lack of adequate self-awareness.
  3. Self-unaware teams and organizations keep failing miserably due to their failure to recognize their own inner diversity and inability to tap into the unique contributions and unlimited potential of most of their members.


Stop for a second. Don’t rush it. Do you, your team members, and your leaders have adequate self-knowledge? If you said no or are not sure, keep reading.

Your dreams cannot translate into realities unless…

If you read this far, you’re one of the very few who invest their time, energy, and resources to grow.

Stuff like self-awareness and personal development don’t have quick payoffs. Ignoring them for a while doesn’t have immediate negative impacts.

As a result, very few smart individuals are intentional and proactive to deepen their self-knowledge and constantly outgrow themselves.

What these precious people, who ignore self-awareness and personal development and those who treat it casually, don’t fully understand is that they cannot go to the next level- the destiny they dream about all the time.  Unless they take it seriously.

Without first growing within and outgrowing their current state of being, they cannot translate their dreams into realities. It is a universal law and no one can undermine it and get away with it without paying dire prices, at least, in the long term…

What pains me the most is that they complain about not moving forward as they desire and having constant issues and struggles all the time. But they never STOP, even for a while, to recognize that many of the problems they’re facing are self-made.

They’re not proactive (even unwilling) and lack commitment to grow consistently. They don’t intentionally invest their precious time, limited resources, and energy to recognize their uniqueness, the potential they carry, their strengths, limitations, and blind spots.

What is disappointing is that they excessively demonstrate passion and invest their overwhelming scarce resources in other mundane things that ONLY bring immediate relief and gratification…

Whatever goal  and dream you may have for:

  • Yourself,
  • Profession,
  • Team,
  • Organization, and/or
  • Community, they may not become realities unless you CONSTANTLY increase your self-awareness. If you’re a leader, you’re far from fulfilling your honorable leadership duties until you consistently increase your own and empower your people to take their self-knowledge to the next level.


Knowing yourself at a deeper level, of course, is just a good start. You should also know others around you by going under the hood.

Most importantly, you should manage yourself and empower your people to get along with diverse people…

Self-aware individuals permit others to be REAL and TRUE to themselves

When you study exceptionally successful people- even if you may not like or admire them at all, you’ll immediately realize that they’re comfortable with their own skins.

They know themselves in and out, including their flaws and limitations. They’re not naïve about:

  1. Who they’re,
  2. Where they stand in life,
  3. Their place in their organization, and society.


Consequently, they walk their heads up regardless of their imperfections. Because they do, they also permit others around them to be who they’re without embarrassment and apologizing for who they truly are…

A solid foundation of self-awareness guarantees lasting success

In the past two decades, one of the most important breakthroughs I experienced in life was understanding the foundational nature of self-awareness.

Over the years, my understanding of the concept itself (self-awareness) increased, enabling me to know myself deeper.

Most importantly, my devotion to increasing my self-knowledge enabled me to translate my knowing into practice. I began to recognize how my words, behaviors, and actions affect others positively and negatively.

Passing through this process of continuous self-discovery empowered me to understand myself, others, and my environment better, and most importantly to adapt and get along better than I used to…

Once I saw the magnificent results the process brought into my life, career, and business, I couldn’t hold it to myself alone anymore. I decided to share the insights I gained; and the models, tools, strategies, and tactics I’ve been using with my coachees and workshop participants.

Not only that, but I also decided to incorporate these into almost all the books I’ve written since then. For instance:


Being around those who lack self-awareness makes you nervous & irritated

Have you noticed?! You don’t feel like yourself and enjoy your moment with someone who:

  1. Talks,
  2. Behaves, and
  3. Acts as if they are perfect and everyone else is flawed. You may even feel nervous, uncomfortable, and sometimes irritated when you’re around such clowns 😊


A lack of self-awareness causes them to pretend that everyone except them is a suspect. I said ‘pretend’. Otherwise, you and I know that NO ONE IS PERFECT.

Don’t forget! They’re not fully aware of what they are doing and how they appear in the eyes of others. This thing operates at a subconscious level without their full awareness.

Unless someone is mentally insane, why would they say, when they go out to meet people: “Oh, what a great day!!! Let me meet so and so. They are flawed and I’m perfect. Let me remind them of this fact until they get it…”

Though we ALL may not have the same, we ALL have certain flaws and limitations. Denying that and going out to the world as if someone is ‘perfect’ is naivety, to say the least. This is incredibly embarrassing when that someone is a leader.

Such self-unaware individuals aren’t only inauthentic, but they also deny you the right to be REAL and AUTHENTIC when you’re around them.

The ultra-self-aware excel in getting along with others and with ease

On the contrary, the ultra-self-aware take the time to understand how their:

  1. Words,
  2. Behaviors, and
  3. Actions may impact others around them, both positively and negatively.


They also adapt to each situation and get along with each person they interact with. They don’t just communicate based on their own personality preferences but also the perceived personality preferences of others.

Where is your self-awareness level?

From 1 to 10, how do you rate your self-knowledge?

  1. 1 being I don’t know myself in and out; and
  2. 10 being I know myself, the personality type, and preferences of people around me, and I effectively adapt to any situation and get along with diverse people very well; where are you on this scale?


If you scored less than 7, you should work on your self-awareness seriously to take it to the next level.

The goal is to transform yourself from knowing to becoming

Don’t lose sight!!!

The goal is not just to be self-knowledgeable. The universe and life don’t reward knowing alone. Many do know, and knowledge alone is CHEAP. What is BOLD, PRECIOUS, and ESSENTIAL to this fine-tuned and self-sustaining universe is becoming. What humanity needs is more of those who embody what they know.

To succeed in your life, career, business, and leadership, you must refine your personality and interpersonal communications. I’m not talking about merely getting along with the people who:

  1. Look like,
  2. Think like you, and
  3. Those people you like.


At the end of the day, lasting success comes when you excel in getting along and working with others, including people who:

  1. Are different from you,
  2. You may not normally like,
  3. Are difficult to work with,
  4. May annoy and irritate you…


The good news is that there are:

  • Assessments,
  • Models,
  • Tools,
  • Life coaches, and
  • Mentors who can help you.

How can we help you?

We can help you in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Take an online personality assessment (s) (most vendors charge you 30 – 60 USD per assessment),
  2. One-on-one debrief based on the results we receive (1 – 2 hours, via phone or Zoom);
  3. Arrange a follow-up coaching after you take one of the personality test assessments online (6 – 12 hours, 1 hour per session max, via phone or Zoom); and/or
  4. Design and deliver standalone group facilitation for the purpose of building your team by recognizing their diverse personality and empowering them to translate their knowledge to get along well and perform better; and/or
  5. Design cohort programs based on the stages of development of your people that involves taking multiple assessments. In the program, we arrange for your team to take the assessments online, and offer individual debriefing, and/or group facilitation to translate the group knowledge into actionable items to bring transformation to your team or organization.



  1. We’re not like many training companies. We don’t use off-shelf materials. We work with you very closely to customize each program by identifying your needs and aligning with your brand and corporate culture;
  2. We don’t lecture your people to death. Besides, our facilitators adjust how much percentage of the time they should talk based on the level of knowledge participants have about the theme and their experience level.
  3. We provide interactive and dynamic sessions. We follow the latest adult learning principles. Each session is filled with up-to-the-minute insights, diverse and inspiring stories; practical models, tools, strategies, and tactics; pairing, small, and large group discussions; and role plays.
  4. We’re very selective. We only work with leaders, teams, and organizations that aspire to become world-class in what they do, and are committed to being great in their own unique ways.
  5. We’re outcome and result-focused. Your people will get golden nuggets that can be implemented right away to see immediate results in the workplace or marketplace. To learn more about who we’re and why you should choose to work with us: https://www.successpws.com/about


To learn more about how we can help you and your team and organization, reach out via [email protected]