Grow your soul and fulfill her assignment

Many people don’t recognize the personalities that reside in them. They just think that they are their bodies. Such individuals don’t aspire much. They look at themselves and find so many weaknesses and limitations, and as a result, they limit themselves with the limitations of their phsyical body.

I’d like to use the leader of all leaders, Jesus. He was aware of His spiritness. He didn’t identify with His physical body nor His ego. He recognized His Soul and aligned His body and personality along with the will of His Soul.

Each one of us has a soul. Our soul craves to grow and be like Jesus’s Soul when she finishes her journey on earth. How many of us are aware of that? How many of us liberated our souls from our ego?

The ego hides in the mind (in the neocortex, more specifically in the frontal lobe) and thinks everything is about him/her ? The ego does only recognize the body, that is it! It acts like he/she is his/her own god. Selfish, fearful, and temporal, and shortsighted, and more.

The toughest question many may never ask is whether we are heading toward fulfilling our soul’s assignment and be ready to pray like Jesus in the end or not. At the end of His ministry, Jesus prayed to the Father asking God to restore Him to the former glory He had with the Father as He finished His Soul’s assignment successfully and glorified the Father on earth.

Jesus is our spiritual example. He left for us the path of fulfillment we should follow. Like He did, we should discover our unique assignment for which our soul was released from eternity to time to finish, and in the end, glorify the Father before she returns to her former glory.

As apostle Paul said, we (our soul, not our body) were with Him before the foundation of the world. We were in eternity and will return to eternity when we are done. The question for each one of us is whether we have discovered the purpose and assignment of our soul. Whether we are committed to pursuing it until our soul learns obedience, love, forgive, serve, and in the process become one with God and glorify Him on earth while she is away from the headquarter. Whether we are heading in the direction where ultimately we may be able to pray the same prayer Jesus prayed just before completing His assignment or not. If you haven’t yet, begin this greatest journey NOW!