Grow spiritually & tap into the unlimited possibilities the quantum universe offers

Success in any field requires tapping into one’s spiritual side. I’m not talking about being religious here. Being religious is predictable and limiting. Being spiritual, for me, on the other side, is being limitless like the universe is limitless. The universe operates with quantum laws with countless possibilities offering unlimited opportunities to those who have grown spiritually.

The universe Albert Einstein understood was not the universe Isaac Newton had grasped. Einstein’s theory was close to the teachings of Jesus. When Jesus said, all things are possible to the one who believes, He knew that the universe was created with limitless possibilities, ready to respond to faith. Einstein’s quantum universe was different than the limited cause-effect universe of Newton’s (the scarce universe). Jesus was talking about this limitless possibilities universe.

Whatever you believe, it already exists in this quantum universe as a potential. If it hasn’t manifested yet, it isn’t because it doesn’t exist. You don’t yet have the faith that can untangle the possibility you believed in from potential to reality. Work on your faith! Then, the limitless possibilities universe will respond to you in due time!