Get out of your comfort zone & write

What is your writer challenge? I’ve mentors & colleagues who could write better books than what I’ve already published. When I ask why they don’t write, almost all tell me that they don’t have time or the discipline to sit down and write consistently. Of course, I relate with them even though I may not have the same challenges. Publishing isn’t an easy task.

However, my challenge is marketing and promoting once the book is written. Without exaggeration, I can write a book within a few months, if not weeks. The toughest part for me is what comes just before and after sending the manuscript for publication.

The good news is that we all, even me, can overcome what is coming in the way, stopping us from sharing what we know. We’re beneficiaries of books written by those who came before us. We’ve a solemn obligation to transfer the baton for the greater good and subsequent generations.

Because I vowed to challenge myself this time and began reaching out asking for support & willing to be vulnerable to leave my comfort zone, I began to see significant changes. Unlike my previous books, Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome is now Amazon’s #1 New Release.

Let’s step out of our comfort zone & bring out what is jam-packed within us. We owe those who empowered us with their books & this and future generations.

If you need any help in the areas of my strengths, reach out. If you’re willing to help in those areas I struggle, I gladly welcome your support.

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