Free webinar to overcome 1st timer syndrome

Are you hired as a new supervisor, project manager, or team leader and struggling as you make a transition from just being an employee and team member to a leader for the first time? Have you been just or recently promoted to lead your former peers some of whom are older, experienced, and smarter than you? Is it affecting your confidence and challenging you to lead with assertiveness?

Whether you’re hired or promoted, are you facing some hurdles and unable to move your team forward since you may be lacking the kind of attitude you should have as a first-timer, the necessary models, tools, approaches, strategies, and tactics you need to overcome the hurdles?

Since you took the new role, have you questioned yourself (or your boss and/or the people around you) whether you have what it takes or whether you’re the right person? Are you stressed out since you took the new role and feeling swamped, drowning, and in turn hurting your health, relationships, and overall well-being?

Or are you an HR professional who onboards new leaders and you would like to reform your onboarding process to help them make a smooth transition?

Or are you a coach or a mentor of first-timers in your organization and you are wondering how you may empower your new leaders to excel at their new management roles within a short period of time?

If you said yes to one of the above questions, join me in this free webinar based on my recently published book, Amazon’s #1 bestseller book, ‘Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome’.

The webinar is jampacked. I’m going to share with you lots of insights, tools, and approaches on how to beat the syndrome and in turn feel more confident, relaxed, happy, and healthy again.

You don’t need to wait for weeks and months to feel okay, to earn the respect of your team members, boss, and other stakeholders. I can help you overcome the syndrome, manage your emotion, time, priorities, resources, and people better and sooner to get along better and deliver quick results.

Register to attend the webinar by going to this page. Please share this important free resource within your network so that they may benefit from it.

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