Free Resources on Managing Emotions

Hope, you and your family are safe and okay in this tough time.

While we are facing a global pandemic that has affected almost everyone alive in this generation, directly or indirectly, I thought to share with you some free resources that may empower you to manage your emotions effectively.

Millions are infected and are dealing with the devastating symptoms of this virus. Hundreds of thousands of people have also died leaving millions to mourn their losses. Millions have lost their jobs and countless businesses have been also closed.

These direct and indirect impacts of COVID19 cause stress in many homes and organizations. Such stressful times heighten our emotions making us vulnerable more than ever.

It is okay to find ourselves struggling with some unproductive emotions in times of crisis. We are emotional beings. Emotions are mere information letting us know what is happening underground. What isn’t okay is if they are adversely affecting our mood, health, and relationships. 

We may not have control over many things out there. We cannot control how the disease is spreading and when it will be under control. We cannot control how others around us behave, decide, and act. We only have control over ourselves. We can only regulate our own emotions. This may in turn improves our health, relationships, and partnerships. This is especially important if you are a leader.

You have to be aware of the emotions that you are experiencing moment by moment, and also the emotions of your people. You should also take it to the next level by expressing your emotions intelligently. You should also manage the emotions of others indirectly. You have the ability to change the atmosphere you find yourself in. What you need is improving your emotional fitness, especially now while we are in the midst of a major global crisis. 

In this blog, I thought to share with you some free resources that may empower you to take your emotional intelligence to the next level.

1. Get Chapter 2- “Regulating Your Emotions Wittingly” of my book ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success’. Click here to download it for free. 

2. When I was in Canada in January this year, I recorded a very short clip on my cell phone about Emotional Fitness. Click here to check it out…

3. I also recorded another short clip when I was facilitating a one-day workshop on Emotional Intelligence in February this year called Be Emotionally Available.

4. Recently, I also volunteered to facilitate a webinar on Managing Emotions in the Era of COVID19 for a non-profit leadership organization I helped found in 2009.

Let me know your thoughts once you check these out. How are you managing your emotions during this crisis? What is helping you to succeed? What is getting in the way?

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