Follow up programs for your 1st Timers

If you would like to empower your new team leaders, supervisors, and managers to overcome 1st Timer Syndrome and thrive beyond first-time leadership pitfalls, I can support you by providing follow-up programs based on my recently published Amazon’s #1 bestseller book. I can support you in one or more ways of these ways: Guest and/or podcast guest, and/or keynote speaker at your upcoming events. I can also design and deliver a transition program for your new leaders at the level they are, and also cohort system programs for your emerging, middle, and/or senior leaders.

To learn more, check out this page. You will find some potential themes, synopsis, and their learning objectives. You’ll also find sample blogs, podcast interviews, and testimonials from the leaders who have already invited me to speak at their event based on the book.

Reach out if you may have any questions. You may also share the info with those who empower new leaders in their organizations. I can help them empower their first-timers to make a smooth transition and excel at their 1st time new leadership roles. Thanks in advance!

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