Firing the boss alone doesn’t fix it, reform your culture

Is your group or organization or community struggling chronically? Are you bleeding internally and experiencing poor performance, toxic conflicts, blaming, bickerings, scapegoating, and so on? Are you losing market share, loyal customers, and A players?

If your answer is yes to one of the above inquiries, we don’t have a quick fix for you. We don’t believe one leader or a group of topdogs can take down the entire team or company or nation without some assistance from within. They are too powerless by themselves alone unless the culture in which they operate assists. If your underlining culture is dysfunctional, firing the boss alone doesn’t fix the chronic misshapes we’re talking about here!

Of course, there are cases where a leader may solely be responsible, and removing him or her from the helm could be the quick fix. However, in most cases, you have to take extra steps to reform the culture that, in the first place, allowed such a ‘flawed’ leader to get in the door, worst promoted to lead your team or organization, or community. The word flawed is within quotes for a very strong reason. Because he/she failed in this particular culture doesn’t necessarily mean he/she is terrible or bad or incompetent elsewhere. They could actually be great somewhere else in another culture. Otherwise, there is no perfect leader in this flawed world 🙂 All leaders, including all of us, are flawed!

We at Success Pathways may not help you if you just need to fire the team leader or the CEO of your organization or your community leader to stop the bleeding. However, if you are interested in digging deeper, addressing the root cause, and healing the wound by reconfiguring (or reforming) your culture, reach out and we’ll be more than happy to support you in this rewarding journey. Reach out via [email protected] for questions or if you need further explanations on how we may help you. Check also our website and see how we may help you transform your organization by transforming your culture:

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