Excerpt- Vision-centered living

If we only depend on our physical eyes to measure our potential, we are doomed. We cannot value ourselves any better than other animals. Unfortunately, the two beautiful and sophisticated eyes we have on our foreheads are too obvious and so active throughout the day, the inner eye that comprehends our true human unlimited potential is neglected by so many of us. Sadly, multitudes may not even awaken to their inner eye once and in turn to their glorious potential and destiny. They pass away never getting in touch with their true self! This shouldn’t be your fate. If you haven’t so far, let today be the day you begin embracing your inner eye. You need to understand your full potential and how you were meant to seek your birthright of greatness. I’m not talking about just any kind, but the highest level of greatness. For more in this regard, read my book ‘The Highest Level of Greatness: Purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-based greatness.’

Achieving the highest level of greatness doesn’t require you to have special gifts and talents except for the ones you already have. You don’t need to have advanced degrees and to be from a particular bloodline or geographic location. You’re a miracle the way you’re. You just need to figure out your purpose (the very reason why your soul emerged from eternity to time, the mission your inner being came to accomplish in this generation), envision to see its accomplishment, and discover and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to your values. That is it! Anyone from anywhere in the world can do this, and you are a candidate to attain the highest greatness in your own unique way during your lifetime.

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