Excerpt- Own Your Place

“…Even if you don’t think you are unique or haven’t figured it out yet, you can still carve a path for yourself to shine where you are. You simply need to be creative to come up with approaches that position you to be invaluable. Regardless of your inexperience or feelings of inadequacy, you can still boost your confidence if you find what makes you shine. You can use it as a competitive advantage that solidifies your confidence.

Once you identify your uniqueness and locate the things that can give you an edge to remain invaluable as a first-timer, you should come up with some practical, bold, and immediate actions right away. Don’t waste time. You must assert and generate confidence before it’s too late. The sooner you take bold actions that deliver results, the quicker you own your place…” Antidote 2, Own Your Place, p. 68

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