Excerpt- Make Timely Decisions

“…Depending on whether you’re a CEO at the top of the food chain, a manager in the middle, or a new supervisor, the decisions you have to make will be different in scope and consequences. But regardless of where you are in the hierarchy, you have to make timely decisions, and this requires developing the right attitude, having some tools, and developing specific competencies. 

As a first-timer, your true leadership will be tested when you are confronted with choices, and you have to make quick decisions without having enough info or time. Ready or not, you must make decisions from the get-go. The question, of course, is whether you are making timely decisions. Anybody can make the right decision if they have comprehensive data and enough time to think, reflect, gather info and consult others. The good news is that this chapter will treat you of indecisiveness. Wherever you may be on the decision-making continuum, it will take you to the next level…” Antidote 6, Make Timely Decisions, p. 125. 

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