Excerpt- Intuition vs. Insight

“…Let me show you the difference between making decisions using gut feeling and insight. Gary Klein, who has done a great deal of research on decision-making, said: “Intuition is the use of patterns you have already learned, whereas insight is the discovery of new patterns.” While intuition is about the past, insight is about the now. It is wise not to over-depend on past experience or what one sees now. What happened in the past shouldn’t preoccupy us to the point of missing golden opportunities now and in the future.

We should keep the balance. If you’re over-dependent on your gut feeling, you trust your past rather than your present and future. You may be unwilling to consider new info and perspectives. Thus, your decisions are always predictable and based on what has worked for you in the past. If you’re over-dependent on insight, you’re missing lots of historical perspectives and what has been already tested and has worked. You may be repeating the same mistakes again and again in your decisions…” Antidote 6, Make Timely Decisions, p. 134.

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