Excerpt- Build Your Team

“Once you know your place and develop confidence based on your knowing, you own your place. These two antidotes focused on working on self, as effective and sustainable leadership begins with self. Though it is a good start, self-leadership isn’t adequate by itself, especially for first-timers. As no one claps with one hand, you cannot deliver quickly without creating a team that functions like a well-oiled machine from the get-go.

The next important task at hand is to build your team… One person is too small, too insignificant, and too insufficient to achieve extraordinary results. You need a team that functions coherently. However, that doesn’t happen unless you proactively invest your time and energy. The good news is that antidote 3 will give you a head start to fast-track your team’s growth to deliver quickly…” Antidote 3, Build Your Team, p. 79

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