Excerpt- Antidote 5- Deliver Results

…By now, you might already know and even own your place. You might have already begun building your team speedily. You might also already be working on your communication. These all deserve your efforts if and only if you deliver quick results. Leadership, at the end of the day, is about delivering results.

Even though a leader must take care of the people and build processes and systems, her success is measured based on whether she has taken the team from point A to point B. The measuring stick is whether she has something to show; whether the team has met its goal or not. In the short term, stakeholders (shareholders) may be okay if a first-timer leader spends time doing the background work we have covered in the previous four chapters. After a while, though, they will expect tangible results.

If they haven’t told you yet, the people who promoted you expect you to deliver. The question is how many weeks or months they will be willing to give you before they start to question whether or not you are the right person for the position. That is why you must make delivering results your top priority. Yes, there may be a gazillion things you need to do in the first couple of weeks and months until you can ‘stand on your two feet.’ But these efforts must lead to some form of results…” Antidote 5, Deliver Results, p. 107 – 108.

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