Episode 3 interview with Troy Peters

The final and 3rd episode with Troy Peters, host of The Potomac Cast podcast. In this episode, we talked about the best practices when it comes to articulating your leadership philosophy, developing a successor, and the value of volunteerism as a key element to promotion. I called up on the audience of the podcast (now you): “You have one life, one opportunity and you want to maximize that and what a better way than by stepping up to leadership.”

Wherever you may be in life, in your organization, and community, seek to serve in the area of you passion, step up to the plate, and take leadership. Don’t wait till you feel like you’re ready nor untill others give you opportunities. Go out and chart your own path. You were born to lead!!! At least, your life and job description…

When you do that, you will be surprised by the lives you touch, the people you inspire, the doors that open, the growth you will attain, etc. Most importantly, the joy, contentment, and fulfillment you experience when you are at the center of your mission (cause, passion, calling…), and when you go all in and bring out your A-game. Start taking lead and volunteer wherever you are, and small scale, one role at a time.

Listen to our conversation when you get a chance and let me know your thoughts. What resonated with you the most?

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