Enrollment for the online course on ‘Overcoming First Timer Syndrome’​ begins soon

Some colleagues of mine asked and also supported me to produce the Dr. AZ Show for underdogs, and also craft some online courses for those supervisors and managers whose organizations won’t pay for their leadership development, and owners of small businesses. Regardless of being crazily busy with our clients and traveling, I’ve been producing the show every weekend and now ready to release the online course, thanks to all who made it possible.

Though the course worth a couple of hundreds, we decided to make it available only for a one-time payment of 49 USD, even then those who enroll during the 1st 72 hours get a huge discount (only 29 USD), eBook of Soft Skills that Make or Break Your Success for free plus the first 5 registrants gets one-hour free coaching. This offer isn’t based on business decisions. It is to help our community who may not afford to pay thousands of dollars to invite learning professionals like myself. Use the opportunity to grow.

To learn more about the course and enroll when the course opens, check this link: https://www.successpws.com/first-timer 

Go at the bottom of this page to sign up for free and get video clips, worksheets, and my leadership philosophy that are taken from the course. This chance gives you to make an informed decision about whether to sign up for the course.

Though Corinavirus attempts to make us bow our head down and fearful, we shouldn’t allow it to distract us. We have overcome similar other threats in the past, some worst than this, and it won’t be exceptional. Rather, we should use the time to grow as leaders and when the virus’s time comes to bow out, we rise again to soar.

Use this downtime to sharpen the sow and take your leadership to the next height.

Let me know if you may have any questions.