Don’t just wish, roll your sleeves up…

Let me be the bad guy here as many would like to avoid talking tough topics especially at this point where no one is sure what will happen next. Regardless of how this crisis will end, there will be WINNERS and LOSERS! That is the hard truth, yah! But many of us don’t face it consciously and consistently. We hope things would be okay and we all land on the same paradise when this crisis ends. I had wished if I said there will be WINNERS and WINNERS.

The hard question- especially if you’re an underdog person, business, and/or community- is on which side you would like to end up when this all ends? Wait for a second and think again. Remember, no one in his/her right mind would like to be a loser!

Everybody would ‘hope’ to be on the winning side or at least the unaffected (untouched) side. But, we know how things go on this messed-up planet. Wishing is one thing, the reality is another.

Leaders, however, don’t just wish. They roll their sleeves and willingly get dirty during a crisis to make sure that they, their organization, and community end up on the winning side or at least the least affected side.
Don’t wish there wasn’t a crisis, wish you have had what it takes to turn liabilities that come with the crisis to assets. The drive to play a proactive role in shaping the new norm in the aftermath.

Don’t expect others to do the dirty work for you. Don’t over depend on others. You must be self-reliant, especially in times like this.

There are certain things within your scope, influence, and means. Use these to shape yours and your people’s future.

Check out this final episode on crisis management, and let me know your take. Let me also know what you’re doing right now to mold your destiny when this all ends? Share it if you find this episode empowering and also leave comments: