Do you need coaching: One on one or group?

1. Do you already know or others told you that your personality, performance, and/or leadership sucks but you don’t know (or not sure) how to improve it within a short period of time, and as a result, you’re paying dire prices?

2. Have you been feeling living or performing or leading under your potential and unable to take your life, career, of leadership to the next level by leveraging your talent, gifting, and strengths?

3. Are you committed to discovering your limitations and uncovering your blind spots that are slowing or even sabotaging your progress and relationships by coming up with a growth plan to reduce and ultimately eliminate their negative impacts?

4. Are you a person who would like to know your (and the people who live and work with you) personality type, preferences, leadership styles (and ), and so on by taking some self-assessments such as MBTI, and getting a debrief plus coaching based on the results so that you increase your self-awareness, get along better, and lead diverse people with leadership excellence?

5. Do you want to get feedback from yourself, superiors, peers, and direct reports by taking 360 multi-raters assessment, and then get coaching based on the feedback to capitalize on the feedback you got and become a better person and leader?

If you said yes to one of these questions, you have come to the right place. We have certified coaches who also got other certifications like MBTI from MBTI Foundation, EQ from MHS, and also practiced providing debriefing based on other assessments such as DiSC, TKI, and 360. To learn more about our coaching program and how it works, check out this page:

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