Building, Configuring, and Administering Funnels

The 21st C marketplace has changed drastically, especially in the last couple of years. Using technology to one’s advantage has become a prerequisite to succeed in this century. Yes, technology is democratized. Indeed, it has created a leveling field. But succeeding in the marketplace hasn’t become easier.

Old-school marketing approaches alone don’t cut it any longer to:

  • Sell our ideas;
  • Advance our mission;
  • Promote and market our products, and services.


Understandably, in very few industries and fields, one may still succeed using word of mouth, referrals, direct marketing, and cold calls alone. In the new norm, however, one must complement traditional marketing methods and strategies with automated sales using funnels.

You’ve to have an online presence and create funnels to:

  • Prospect,
  • Qualify,
  • Sell (upsell and downsell),
  • Close,
  • Deliver, and
  • Support your clients.


The good news is that you don’t have to do it by yourself alone and manually. Funnels are pipelines that help you:

  • Attract and ultimately convert bystanders into supporters,
  • Skeptics into believers, and
  • Prospects into clients.


Funnels are also critical sales machines you must have in place to scale your business and expand your organization.

We can help you design, integrate, automate, launch, promote, administer, monitor, and if necessary, tweak your first or next funnel and make it EVERGREEN and PROFITABLE.

We can help you in the following ways:

1. Design Your Funnel

We will brainstorm with you and enlist potential products and services for which you may create funnels. Once you decide on the funnel you would like to build first, we’ll help you choose the right funnel type, design the funnel on paper, and decide the front and back-end offers you would like to consider. We will also advise you as you select the funnel platform you would like to use, structure and price your offers, and ultimately when you transfer the design on paper onto the platform.

2. Copywrite for Your Funnel Pages

We’ll copywrite clear, appealing, persuasive, and converting content for your funnel pages by applying: SEO keyword strategies, storytelling, latest human psychology, and neuroscience hacks. We will also copywrite for your automated emails and confirmation pages.

3. Integrate and Automate Your Funnel

We’ll help you identify the 3rd party apps you need for payment, shipment, and email notification. We’ll then integrate these and other necessary apps within your funnel. We’ll also set up automation for your email confirmations, notifications, and calls to action.

4. Launch and Promote Your Funnel

We’ll create your payment account and test the funnel before launching. We’ll then work with you to launch it and share it on social media. We’ll create paid ads to promote the funnel widely. We’ll also deliver and support those who purchased, nurture the relationship by giving more, and get referrals from some of the happy clients.

5. Administer, Monitor, and Tweak Your Funnel

After setting and launching your funnel, we’ll stay behind to administer it to function properly, fix if there are issues, and if necessary tweak the funnel throughout its lifespan.

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