Becoming world-class is a must in the 21st c

Thanks to technology and social media! One can access the world and compete globally sitting in one remote corner of the world with a laptop and Internet connection. The price for such worldwide access, however, is the need to become world-class in everything you do.

The world is ‘watching’. You cannot just knock down some local competitors and crown yourself as a ‘local champion’. Those old and predictable, and safe days are gone! You have to compete with giants far away from your shores. You have to have a competitive advantage in your industry, not just in your city but globally.

This demands producing world-class products and services. Most importantly, become a world-class leader in your field! As a leader (everyone is a leader, at least for their lives and job description), the stake is high to succeed in this highly networked century.

You cannot just call yourself a leader in your field, occupy a competitive space locally, and remain complacent. If you do so, sorry to break it to you like this here online, your days are numbered! You need to constantly grow and go ahead of the curve to succeed and remain competitive in this highly competitive world.

What are you doing to become world-class in what you do? Do you have a growth plan to become a world-class leader? What is in your schedule this weekend toward that end?