Be Where You’re Appreciated (~3 min video)

Don’t waste your time in relationships and partnerships that drain your energy.

In the quick 3 min video below, I shared my excitement to drive one hour to attend an important event in Washington DC on November 15, 2022.

The event was Contractors Appreciation Night. A client that pays its contractors very well arranged a very nice party to honor those contractors- our company is included, to express its appreciation for what we do to support them to meet their mission and goals.

They didn’t need to do it. But they understood the power of honoring and celebrating partners. They just didn’t want to stop at just welcoming and accepting their contractors. They went the extra mile…

You and I should understand the importance of why we should only be in places, relationships, and partnerships where we are more than welcomed.

We should be where we’re appreciated, and more than tolerated.

Of course, we should also appreciate and honor others.

We shouldn’t wait till those important people in our life, career, and business embrace and include us. We should appreciate their uniqueness, strengths, and the values they add to the relationship or partnership. 

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