Amazon’s #1 New Release!

One of the humbling experiences I learned as I publish and promote my upcoming book was the age-old truth: Ask, it shall be given to you! I was compelled by promoters to ask favors. I resisted it for weeks (my ego and the fear of rejection got in the way), first to ask endorsements and lately friends and colleagues to support the release. Guess what?! I was surprised by the overwhelming responses! Even those who didn’t say YES this time, they did let me know that my publication deadline was too tight for them to meet or they already had too many similar requests, and many other legit reasons. Most importantly, individuals whom I thought will never get the time to help, showed unexpected favor and said YES!

The key lesson for me, which I will apply in other parts of my life was that we are ASKING away for many of the things that we desire and need help. As far as we’re humble and willing to be rejected, we will be surprised beyond our imagination on how many people are willing to lend hands and support. Try it!

By the way, if you read this post and haven’t placed your copy yet, and have access to Amazon and can afford .99, I’m kindly asking you to support the new release of the Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome book. You or someone you know will benefit from the book, which is now Amazon’s #1 New Release in some categories or #2 or #3 in many other categories. Besides, you can help increase the book’s rank so that first-time project managers, supervisors, and business owners may take chance on the book and check it out.

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