Amazon #1 Best Seller

Thank you to everyone who contributed (by providing feedback on the manuscript, endorsements, reviews, liking/sharing on social media, etc.) toward the success of the Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome book. Before it even hit the 1-week mark since its release on August 26th, it has achieved an important milestone- Amazon’s #1 Best Seller.

I look forward to your continued support as we reach as many new team leaders, supervisors, project managers, and business owners as possible.

If you’ve not yet, join the movement, and let’s defeat 1st Timer Syndrome together. Let emerging leaders tap into their full potential by developing unshakable confidence even if they aren’t yet mastering their new role.

Let’s stop the leadership starvation many organizations and communities are facing because of the syndrome which is coming in the way and preventing many from stepping into their first-time leadership role, and some from going to the next level of new leadership position. We can do it together! Let’s do this…