Activate your RAS to engage in finding opportunities to go to the next height

Recently, somebody bashed my car on the side, causing a minor dent. It did upset me. Who doesn’t?!
It did actually do more than that.

Since then, I began to see many other cars with dents. I hadn’t been that super sensitive and highly alerted for years though there were dents everywhere.

What happened then?

My Reticular Activating System (RAS) in my brain got activated.

Once armed and coded with my preoccupation and focus, it went ahead to fulfill its duty. It has kept alerting me to look for dents everywhere!

I was obsessed… helpless to ignore dents…

The moral of the story is?

Once your RAS learns your commitment to go to the next level, it gets activated. It begins to look for opportunities and presents for your consideration.

What is powerful?

Many of these opportunities had been there before your RAS was activated. But you didn’t see them like I hadn’t seen dents prior to someone bashing my car!

Now, everywhere you go, you can clearly see potential opportunities to advance your career or business.

I’ll be sharing this and other similar latest scientific insights, practical models, frameworks, and strategies that you could use right away. You will be inspired to make a move before you’re ready, to go for a quantum leap than incremental progress, and begin taking bold actions to advance your career or business.

Hope to see you on April 26 at Hotel at the University of Maryland.

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