A discovery that changes everything

Have you ever wondered and asked which discovery changes everything? Have you looked back in your life and compared which search was nobler than others that you have taken? After leading so many interesting ventures in life in search of the truth, I could say now that not all discoveries are born equal.

I remember the energy and time I had invested in the wrong things. Looking retrospectively, I could have become a better person if I began my search in life at the right place and with the right thing. I didn’t. I don’t want you to spend tones of time and end up having the same frustration some years from now. Let me help you.

I don’t recommend it but if that is what you want go out and chase everything that comes your way and attempt to understand and figure them out. Go out to the deep of the ocean if you desire, and high into the cosmos. But, make sure your quest for knowledge starts from the closest but at the same time the deepest place, from within.

The great ones I studied whose stories narrated in my latest books (The Highest Level of Greatness and Unchain Your Greatness) had extraordinary confidence. This didn’t come because they knew everything. No, it wasn’t. It didn’t also come from arrogance. The source of their extraordinary self-reliance exuded from self-discovery. They where not every where. They were focused. As a result, they came to discover who they were, their uniqueness, and why they were in that generation and time. And, that made the difference!

You too can take that journey right now. It doesn’t require a certain qualification. Everyone walking on this planet is a valid candidate and you’re not exceptional. It is within your reach as far as you’re committed to taking this path of self-discovery.

If you are not yet certain about who you are and what makes you unique, start small scale:

  • Be by yourself alone for 30 minutes every weekend. This may be easy for some, may not be so for others depending on your personality type. However, it shouldn’t be that hard even if you fall under the latter group to carve 30 minutes to think, meditate, and pray, whichever works for you the most.
  • Read the biographies of the great ones you admire. You may learn something about how they went about discovering their uniqueness and purpose
  • Go back into your past in memory lane and refresh your memory. You may find some patterns in your life that may give you some hints about what comes naturally to you.

In my book Soft Skills that Make or Break Your Success, the first and foundational soft skill recognized is Self-awareness. Likewise, in my book ‘Unchain Your Greatness’ Part 1, I explained how the great ones from diverse cultures explored to find out who they were and why they were there in that generation. You can see how important it is to develop this soft skill to attain personal mastery, succeed in what you do, tap into your unlimited potential, and ultimately unchain your greatness.

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