1 New Year Strategic Approach Successful People Use

As we approach the New Year, we all have some approaches that we have been using to get prepared for the New Year. Many of us strategize, plan, prioritize what we’re going to do in the New Year. In this video clip, I’m sharing with you one New Year strategic approach successful people use: Assigning a theme for the New Year. I adopted this approach for years and have seen some amazing results and I would like you to try it.

Remember, we are underdogs. Unlike others, we don’t have the luxury to do things on the go without pre-planning. We have limited finance, few connections, and so on. We have to prioritize where we would like to spend our limited resources. We need to be extraordinarily strategic.

I know some of you hate to sit down and spend a lot of time to strategize and plan. This is not your preference nor fun. However, I warn you that, as an underdog, you cannot excel and attain your unique greatness without developing this habit. Start it small scale, read, attend seminars, get coaching, but by all means, develop this soft skill.

In this video clip, however, my focus wasn’t on how to strategize, prioritize, and plan. I wrote about these themes on my books and also I do facilitate workshops on time and energy management and strategic planning, maybe I’ll record a video on this in the future. For today, I am focusing on how to recognize one area that makes or breaks your success next year, and how to zoom in and give it your priority and attention, which in turn brings extraordinary results.

I first saw successful people using it. Some pronounced the theme of their next year while others did it quietly. In both cases, I watched them giving that theme prime attention, their messages, products, and services were aligned alongside the theme.

Then, I decided to use this strategic approach in my own life. I shared in the video what my theme was 7 or 6 years ago, and also my next year’s theme.

Watch this video in its entirety. If you find it helpful share with the people you know who may benefit from this single approach that can bring a magnificent turnaround in their life, profession, business, and more.

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Happy New Year!