Buyers and Sellers of Businesses and Apartments

If you are a buyer/seller/investor of businesses and multifamily apartments, let’s have a free consultative Zoom session to understand your needs and criteria…


With eXp Commercial’s global presence, its up-to-the-minute technologies and platforms, and my two experienced senior partners who have years of experience in business brokerage and multifamily, I’m here to help you sell/buy your next business or apartment building.

I help business owners and buyers/investors in the following fields for which I’ve educational and work experience:
1. IT/Tech,
2. Healthcare,
3. Education,
4. e-Commerce,
5. Media,
6. Manufacturing,
7. Science and Research, and
8. Professional services.


You can expect me:
1. To be your trusted advisor
2. To have your best interest at heart
3. To demonstrate professionalism
4. To communicate with you consistently and remain responsive throughout the process, not leaving you in the dark and wondering what is happening.


Below are some of the main services we provide to sellers:
Listing. We can help you sell your business/multifamily property within a reasonable time. We analyze your financial data, conduct a thorough market analysis, and valuate your business/apartment properly so that you can price it right. We also create marketing packages, promote and market, find qualified buyers, negotiate, and assist you during due diligence and closing. Since I’ve a commercial real estate license, we can also help you sell or lease if you own the property the business uses to operate.
Off-market sell. For whatever reason, if you don’t want to list publicly, we have a database of premium buyers interested in acquiring off-market deals like yours. We can help you sell your company/multifamily offline.
Valuation. Even if you don’t want to list your business/apartment with us, we can still help you know its current value. We can also conduct a detailed valuation report to help you sell it by yourself, scale, or prepare a succession plan and exit strategies.
Consulting. Even if you don’t want to sell now, we can support you in scaling and making your existing business profitable. As an organizational and leadership coach, consultant, and trainer who has been serving leaders in government agencies, corporations, and community organizations for years, my team at Success Pathways, LLC, and I can help you transform your business and make it scalable, independent of you, and ultimately sellable when the time is right. Buyers/Investors don’t buy a business that is dependent on the owner and businesses that are unscalable. Using coaching, consulting, workshops, and cohort programs, we can equip your leaders at different levels to lead effectively, create streamlined processes, systems, and a robust corporate culture.


Below are some of the main services we provide to buyers/investors:
Buying. We can help you buy businesses/apartments that meet your criteria.
Office leasing. Get you a new commercial office space or renegotiate the existing lease.
Off-market buying. If you’re an investor interested in buying, holding, and creating cash flow, we will help you find value-add off-the-market multifamily properties and businesses.
Syndication. If you’re an accredited person or institutional investor, reach out, and we will put you on the list and let you know when we find a good deal you may be interested in investing as one of our limited partners.


•Even if you’re not selling now, reach out if you are interested in buying so that we can add you to our premium buyers list. We will first contact those on the list before deals go public.
If you’re interested in investing your hard-earned money; I take care of the rest, giving you peace of mind. I find off-market value-add deals, create a legal entity by working with a Securities Lawyer and a CPA, hire a property or business manager, and take care of all other legal and accounting paper works. Once the property or business is purchased, I continue to work with the property or business manager to reduce expenses, increase return, and make improvements. Depending on the market, when we sell the property/business, you will get appreciation and other benefits.
•If you are a professional such as a Lawyer, CPA, Financial Advisor, Commercial Lender, Insurer, and so on serving businesses and multifamily apartment owners in the DC metro area, reach out. Many of our clients may be looking for your services…
•For any questions, please reach out to [email protected]
•You can also schedule a free one-on-one consultation, by clicking here…