Unchain Your Greatness

This book is written to demystify the faulty understanding many people have about greatness. It encourages readers to pursue the highest level of greatness. Remember, not all greatnesses are born equal. This book is written for those who desire to pursue not any kind of greatness but true greatness that leads toward fulfillment.


Though deep inside we all know that we’re meant to be great, only some believed that they’re greatness material and began their greatness journey. Unfortunately, many of these courageous people pursued unfulfilling greatness while only a few actually attained the highest level of greatness during their lifetime.


Sadly, the overwhelming majority of humanity doesn’t even want to talk about greatness at all. Those who dared to raise the subject and attempted to claim their birthright of greatness have been beaten down, belittled, and called names such as egotistical, narcissist, etc.


Of course, there’re some egotistical and narcissistic individuals who wrongly think that they’re the only greats undermining the greatness of others who manifested it in their own unique ways.


There are also individuals who pursued unsustaining and unfulfilling greatness and realized that they wasted their time, energy, and missed their destiny even if they climbed the mountain and stood on top of it.


In this book, you will learn the true definition of greatness that aligns with who you truly are- a human being created after the image of God, the five levels of greatness, examples under each, and how you too can pursue the highest level of greatness: Purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven greatness.


The book is a light read where the author shares some conversations he stroke with people about their purpose, vision, and values, and is filled with so many diverse examples.


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