According to Deloitte, “94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.” Forbes reported that “Companies with strong cultures have seen a 4x increase in revenue growth.” Research also showed that organizations that have unique cultures thrive even in bad times.

Unfortunately, many organizations aren’t intentional and proactive to create and nurture a unique corporate culture that reflects their mission and aligns with their brand. Even if they have a well-articulated mission and vision statements, well-crafted strategies, and shared values, they are unable to align their people along with these key aspects of the organization. These organizations failed to understand what the father of modern management- Peter Drucker, said: “Culture eats strategy for lunch!” What is more? Though many organizations are committed to invest in the latest technologies and hire highly competent people, they aren’t getting the return on investment. Rather, they are struggling to fulfill their mandate, let alone to remain competitive and thrive as they desire.

On the other hand, those organizations that create and leverage a unique corporate culture enjoy a competitive edge. Since they continually nurture their unique corporate culture, they thrive even during tough times. If you would like to join these elite organizations that enjoy constant improvements in their productivity, high engagement from their people with less turnover, fewer conflicts, and high productivity, you should create and nurture a unique and robust culture to remain competitive.

Learning Objectives:

The main goal of this program is to emphasize the importance of creating and nurturing a unique culture and to empower leaders at various levels of the organization to understand the power of culture and play their respective roles to contribute toward the creation and maintenance of the corporate culture. Below are the specific objectives of the program:

  • To understand the power of a unique culture and the benefits of having such a vibrant culture,
  • To recognize the consequences of a dysfunctional corporate culture,
  • To identify the different types of corporate cultures and which one is relevant for their industry,
  • To know how to create a unique corporate culture that constantly delivers a competitive edge,
  • To learn how to nurture and maintain a robust culture by putting in place some ground rules, and providing incentives to encourage alignment,
  • To align your people (products and services) alongside the shared corporate values to overcome misalignment, and
  • To leverage the unique and robust culture to unite and engage your people and other stakeholders.

Format: 30 – 90 minutes keynotes (in person or virtually)

Depending on the culture you would like to create and nurture, and also as part of empowering your leaders at various levels to play their fair share in creating the right work environment in the organization and their respective department/team, below are some of the competencies they may need. Your leaders may already have many of these leadership and management skills that you may not need all of the competencies enlisted below. Each of the themes that you are interested in can be given as a keynote at one of your events, workshop/webinar, or in the form of group coaching.

  1. Creating an Inclusive Workplace to Tap into the Full Potential of Your Diverse Workforce
  2. Building Your People’s Emotional Fitness to Improve Their Well-being and the Success of the Organization
  3. 360˚ Communication for Healthy Workplace and Productivity
  4. Taking Advantage of Project Management Principles for Extraordinary Results
  5. Balancing Tactical with Strategic Thinking for Sustainable Success
  6. Managing Priority & Time for Improved Performance
  7. Exchanging Feedback at All Levels for Soaring Productivity
  8. Turning Conflicts into Opportunities
  9. Excelling in Motivating and Engaging Others for Maximum Performance
  10. Making Right and Ethical Decisions
  11. Managing Change and Crisis Smoothly and Smartly


  1. The recently published book “Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome”, Amazon’s #1 Best Seller, will be given to participants as a bonus.
  2. As a follow-up to this keynote, you can request consulting work to help you recognize the kind of culture you have and whether your people at various levels are aligned with the culture. If our work shows that there is misalignment between the culture top leadership espouse from the culture that is prevalent and/or if there is a disconnect between your existing corporate culture and your mission and/or brand and/or the products and services you are offering, we’ll work with you to create a new unique culture that reflects who you truly are and/or assist you to create alignment between your culture and the other aspects of your organization such as its mission, vision, values, strategies, people, brand, products, and services.
  3. We can also arrange a workshop or group coaching as a follow-up to the keynote to cement learning and empower your leaders to succeed in the next steps as they go out to configure or reconfigure your corporate culture.
  4. Participants will be given a soft copy of the upcoming book on the same theme as soon as it is published.
Watch as Dr. AZ explains the transformational program to create a unique and robust culture for a competitive edge